Reasons to Get a Jellycat Toy For a Child

Why so popular?

The jellycat toys are a famous line of soft toys that originated in 1999 in London. They’re well known to be fantastically delicate and luxurious at the same time. New designs get released every year jellycat elephant sootherin the month of January and July. The best part is that the jellycat soother isn’t only suitable for toddlers or young children, but serves as a an impeccable present for everyone. The toys are available in a really wide range that is certainly going to amuse kids from all sorts of backgrounds. From bunnies and lions and to cats and mice, you’ve got them under one roof. Choice and variety is never an issue, if you’re kid is someone who is very choosy with his toys.


All jellycat toys are manufactured with non-toxic, sustainable and recyclable materials. In this sense, they make an ideal purchase even for newborns since they don’t contain heavy metals that are harmful to health. Another dangerous plastic that jellycat toys tend to steer clear off is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It is very versatile and there are two types: rigid and flexible, which are extensively used in the manufacture of such toys. So if you’re ever going to buy a jellycat toy, you should know that original products are never made from the aforementioned materials. All jellycat toys are completely safe.


Most of these toys turn out to be a great investment thanks to their diverse pricing. Even as little as 13 euros can fetch your kid a great basher toy. If that doesn’t cut it, the more expensive range of toys may exceed 50 euros. But consider this a one time splurge as they last a long time. All things considered, jellycat soother is a must have for all those who love to have soft toys – as it offers a perfect blend of design, safety and value for money.